From ‘figurative males’ to action heroines: further thoughts on active women in the cinema

  title={From ‘figurative males’ to action heroines: further thoughts on active women in the cinema},
  author={Elizabeth Hills},
This now famous quote neatly captures the confusion and uncertainty surrounding the transgressive character of the action heroine.' Smarter, tougher and better equipped than both the traditional heroines of the action genre and many of their contemporary male counterparts, action heroines are a new breed of arse-kicking female protagonists in action genre films Aggressive, heroic and transformative characters such as Ripley from the Alien series, Sarah Connor from Terminator 2Judgment Day… 


This essay provides a comparative reading of the female protagonists in two action films from Korea (My Wife is a Gangster) and Thailand (Chocolate), focusing on how representations of their fighting

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Violent Women in Film and the Sociological Relevance of the Contemporary Action Heroine by Kathryn A. Gilpatric Dr. Kate Hausbeck, Examination Committee Chair Associate Dean o f Graduate College