From ‘Value-for-Money’ to ‘Values-for-Money’? Ethical Food and Policy in Europe

  title={From ‘Value-for-Money’ to ‘Values-for-Money’? Ethical Food and Policy in Europe},
  author={T. Lang},
  journal={Environment and Planning A},
  pages={1814 - 1832}
  • T. Lang
  • Published 1 August 2010
  • Economics
  • Environment and Planning A
The author considers how ethical food raises complex challenges for policy makers. Looking mainly at Europe and developed countries, it is suggested that the notion of ethical food is plastic, but that therein lie its strength and appeal. Civil society movements see it as a rallying point to restructure food systems, from land use to consumption. The mainstream corporate sector sees ethical food as an umbrella term under which many, sometimes even competing, aspirations nestle, but which can be… 

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