From `The Me Decade' to `The Me Millennium'

  title={From `The Me Decade' to `The Me Millennium'},
  author={Imogen Tyler},
  journal={International Journal of Cultural Studies},
  pages={343 - 363}
  • Imogen Tyler
  • Published 2007
  • Sociology
  • International Journal of Cultural Studies
Claims that consumer-orientated and media-saturated cultures have given rise to `a new narcissism' have been repeatedly asserted within social and cultural criticism for the past 40 years. Within cultural studies there has been a recent proliferation of accounts of the rise of narcissism in analyses of consumer culture, celebrity culture and new media. Returning to key influential accounts of `cultural narcissism' that emerged in social criticism and popular media in the 1970s, this article… Expand

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  • Sociology, Psychology
  • Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic
  • 1980
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