Frobenius splittings of toric varieties

  title={Frobenius splittings of toric varieties},
  author={Sam Payne},
  journal={arXiv: Algebraic Geometry},
  • S. Payne
  • Published 28 February 2008
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Algebraic Geometry
We discuss a characteristic free version of Frobenius splittings for toric varieties and give a polyhedral criterion for a toric variety to be diagonally split. We apply this criterion to show that section rings of nef line bundles on diagonally split toric varieties are normally presented and Koszul, and that Schubert varieties are not diagonally split in general. 

Diagonal splittings of toric varieties and unimodularity

We use a polyhedral criterion for the existence of diagonal splittings to investigate which toric varieties X are diagonally split. Our results are stated in terms of the vector configuration given


Abstract In this note we study properties of partially ample line bundles on simplicial projective toric varieties. We prove that the cone of q-ample line bundles is a union of rational polyhedral

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In this article, the ideals of an F-split toric algebra that are fixed by certain Cartier algebra are described, extending the result for normal toric algebras in the author's joint work with K.

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Let $H$ be a diagonalizable group over an algebraically closed field $k$ of positive characteristic, and $X$ a normal $k$-variety with an $H$-action. Under a mild hypothesis, e.g. $H$ a torus or $X$

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Cartier modules on toric varieties

Assume that $X$ is an affine toric variety of characteristic $p > 0$. Let $\Delta$ be an effective toric $Q$-divisor such that $K_X+\Delta$ is $Q$-Cartier with index not divisible by $p$ and let



Koszul Property and Frobenius Splitting of Schubert Varieties

We show how the Frobenius splitting method of Mehta-Ramanathan implies the Koszul property of projective coordinate rings of Schubert varieties.

On the classification of toric fano varieties

  • G. Ewald
  • Mathematics
    Discret. Comput. Geom.
  • 1988
Toric Fano varieties are algebraic varieties associated with a special class of convex polytopes in R′' using a purely combinatorial method of proof.

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* Preface * Frobenius Splitting: General Theory * Frobenius Splitting * Schubert Varieties * Splitting and Filtration * Cotangent Bundles of Flag Varieties * Group Embeddings * Hilbert Schemes of

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We obtain 866 isomorphism classes of five-dimensional nonsingular toric Fano varieties using a computer program and the database of four-dimensional reflexive polytopes. The algorithm is based on the

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A generalisation and a new proof are given of a recent result of J. F. Thomsen (1996), which says that for L a line bundle on a smooth toric variety X over a field of positive characteristic, the

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We use multiplication maps to give a characteristic-free approach to vanishing theorems on toric varieties. Our approach is very elementary but is enough powerful to prove vanishing theorems.

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Reason for withdrawal: There is a serious mistake in the calculation of the divisor of the rational section used in the proof of Prop. 2.2.1., and with the correct value the argument does not work.

Cayley decompositions of lattice polytopes and upper bounds for h*-polynomials

Abstract We give an effective upper bound on the h*-polynomial of a lattice polytope in terms of its degree and leading coefficient, confirming a conjecture of Batyrev. We deduce this bound as a