Frobenius Manifolds and Central Invariants for the Drinfeld - Sokolov Bihamiltonian Structures

  title={Frobenius Manifolds and Central Invariants for the Drinfeld - Sokolov Bihamiltonian Structures},
  author={Boris Dubrovin and Si‐Qi Liu and You-jin Zhang},
  journal={Advances in Mathematics},


We obtain a local bihamiltonian structure for any nilpotent element in a simple Lie algebra from the generalized bihamiltonian reduction. We prove that this structure can be obtained by performing

Variational Bihamiltonian Cohomologies and Integrable Hierarchies II: Virasoro Symmetries

We prove that for any tau-symmetric bihamiltonian deformation of the tau-cover of the Principal Hierarchy associated with a semisimple Frobenius manifold, the deformed tau-cover admits an infinite

A new construction of the Drinfeld–Sokolov hierarchies

  • P. Casati
  • Mathematics
    Partial Differential Equations in Applied Mathematics
  • 2022

Algebraic classical W-algebras and Frobenius manifolds

We consider Drinfeld–Sokolov bihamiltonian structure associated with a distinguished nilpotent elements of semisimple type and the space of common equilibrium points defined by its leading term. On

Classical r-matrix like approach to Frobenius manifolds, WDVV equations and flat metrics

A general scheme for the construction of flat pencils of contravariant metrics and Frobenius manifolds as well as related solutions to Witten–Dijkgraaf–Verlinde–Verlinde associativity equations is

Lecture Notes on Bihamiltonian Structures and Their Central Invariants

In these lecture notes, we give an introduction to the classification theorem of semisimple bihamiltonian structures, with as much details as possible. The equivalence classes of this classification

Conjugate Frobenius Manifold and Inversion Symmetry

We give a conjugacy relation on certain type of Frobenius manifold structures using the theory of flat pencils of metrics. It leads to a geometric interpretation for the inversion symmetry of

On the Drinfeld–Sokolov Hierarchies of D Type

We extend the notion of pseudo-differential operators that are used to represent the Gelfand–Dickey hierarchies and obtain a similar representation for the full Drinfeld–Sokolov hierarchies of D n

Integrable systems associated to open extensions of type A and D Dubrovin–Frobenius manifolds

  • A. Basalaev
  • Mathematics
    Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical
  • 2022
We investigate the solutions to open WDVV equation, associated to type A and D Dubrovin–Frobenius manifolds. We show that these solutions satisfy some stabilization condition and associate to both of



Drinfeld-Sokolov reduction on a simple lie algebra from the bihamiltonian point of view

We show that the Drinfeld-Sokolov reduction can be framed in the general theory of bihamiltonian manifolds, with the help of a specialized version of a reduction theorem for Poisson manifolds by

Extended affine Weyl groups and Frobenius manifolds -- II

. For the root system of type B l and C l , we generalize the result of [5] by showing the existence of a Frobenius manifold structure on the orbit space of the extended affine Weyl group that

Notes on bi-Hamiltonian reduction and Frobenius manifolds

We review the theory of bi-Hamiltonian reduction and give a bi-Hamiltonian reduction on a loop algebra equivalent to a Generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov reduction. Application to classical W -algebras and

Solutions to WDVV from generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies

The dispersionless limit of generalized Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies associated to primitive regular conjugacy class of Weyl group W(g) is discussed. The map from these generalized Drinfeld - Sokolov

Extended affine Weyl groups and Frobenius manifolds

We define certain extensions of affine Weyl groups (distinct from these considered by K. Saito [S1] in the theory of extended affine root systems), prove an analogue of Chevalley Theorem for their

Deformations of semisimple bihamiltonian structures of hydrodynamic type

Lie algebras and equations of Korteweg-de Vries type

The survey contains a description of the connection between the infinite-dimensional Lie algebras of Kats-Moody and systems of differential equations generalizing the Korteweg-de Vries and

Normal forms of hierarchies of integrable PDEs, Frobenius manifolds and Gromov - Witten invariants

We present a project of classification of a certain class of bihamiltonian 1+1 PDEs depending on a small parameter. Our aim is to embed the theory of Gromov - Witten invariants of all genera into the

Bihamiltonian Hierarchies in 2D Topological Field Theory At One-Loop Approximation

Abstract:We compute the genus one correction to the integrable hierarchy describing coupling to gravity of a 2D topological field theory. The bihamiltonian structure of the hierarchy is given by a