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Frictional interaction properties between geomaterials and geosynthetics

  title={Frictional interaction properties between geomaterials and geosynthetics},
  author={Julian Coronel},
Analysis of sand – woven geotextile interface shear behavior using discrete element method (DEM)
The interaction between soil and geotextile is essential for the performance of reinforced soil. This study reveals the microscopic mechanism of interface shear between sand and geotextile based on...
Mechanical behaviour of sand-geotextile interface
In this study, interface direct shear tests were undertaken to investigate improvement in the mechanical behaviour of granular soils when reinforced with geotextile inclusions. Unlike past studies,Expand


Soil-Geogrid Reinforcement Interaction by Pullout and Direct Shear Tests
Pullout and direct shear tests have been conducted to investigate the soil-reinforcement interaction behavior in pullout and direct shear mechanisms. An apparatus—discussed in this paper—has beenExpand
Interaction between cohesive-frictional soil and various grid reinforcements
Abstract A total of 52 large-scale laboratory pullout and 24 large-scale direct-shear tests were conducted to investigate the interaction behavior between the different reinforcements andExpand
Laboratory determination of clay-geotextile interaction
Current design regulations preclude the usage of cohesive backfills in reinforced soil structures regardless of whether the reinforcement is metallic or polymer fabric. The main reasons for this are:Expand
Interaction Between Reinforcing Geosynthetics and Soil-Tire Chip Mixtures
The objective of the present study was to evaluate the mechanical properties of the tire chips and soil-tire chip mixtures relevant to geosynthetic-reinforced earthworks. Tests were conducted toExpand
Analysis of laboratory and field pull-out tests of geosynthetics in clayey soils
Soil reinforcement interaction is a key issue in the design of reinforced soil structures. Therefore, it is important to analyze the pull-out mechanism, and to evaluate the interaction between theExpand
A Study of Soil-Reinforcement Interface Friction
An important design parameter of reinforced soil structures is the friction mobilized between the soil and reinforcement elements, i.e., the pullout friction. The most commonly adopted method toExpand
Soil – Geosynthetic Interaction
  • Geosynthetics and Their Applications,
  • 2002
Studies on geotextile/soil interface shear behavior
Shear frictional behavior of soil/geosynthetic interfaces plays a pivotal role in the overall performance of geotextile-reinforced roads. Since a substantial proportion of the total land areas inExpand
Reinforced Soil Structures with Poorly Draining Backfills. Part I: Reinforcement Interactions and Functions
In this and a companion paper (Mitchell and Zornberg 1994), the use and performance of reinforced soil structures constructed with poorly draining and/or cohesive backfills is evaluated. ThisExpand