Frictional adhesion: A new angle on gecko attachment.

  title={Frictional adhesion: A new angle on gecko attachment.},
  author={Kellar Autumn and Andrew Dittmore and Dheiver Santos and Matthew Spenko and Mark R. Cutkosky},
  journal={The Journal of experimental biology},
  volume={209 Pt 18},
Directional arrays of branched microscopic setae constitute a dry adhesive on the toes of pad-bearing geckos, nature's supreme climbers. Geckos are easily and rapidly able to detach their toes as they climb. There are two known mechanisms of detachment: (1) on the microscale, the seta detaches when the shaft reaches a critical angle with the substrate, and (2) on the macroscale, geckos hyperextend their toes, apparently peeling like tape. This raises the question of how geckos prevent… CONTINUE READING
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