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Friction and Wear of Polymer Composites Filled by NanoParticles : A Review

  title={Friction and Wear of Polymer Composites Filled by NanoParticles : A Review},
  author={Ayman A. Aly and E. B. Zeidan and Abdallah A. Alshennawy and Aly A. El-Masry and Wahid A. Wasel},
Composites formed by adding nano-scale particles to a polymer matrix results in improving electrical, mechanical, and thermal properties of the composite. Good tribological properties can be obtained for polymers filled with nano-scale fillers compared to that filled with micro-scale particles. The friction and wear resistance of these composites is found to increase with increasing filler concentration. It is also possible to use multi-functional fillers to develop high performance composites… Expand

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