Frey's syndrome after parotidectomy: a retrospective and prospective analysis.

  title={Frey's syndrome after parotidectomy: a retrospective and prospective analysis.},
  author={Thomas E. Linder and Alexander Huber and Stephan P C Schmid},
  journal={The Laryngoscope},
  volume={107 11 Pt 1},
Gustatory sweating is a well-known sequela after parotid surgery. In a retrospective and prospective study of patients undergoing parotid surgery, the onset, time course, extent, and treatment modalities of Frey's syndrome were analyzed. Twenty-two percent of the patients evaluated by questionnaires and 43% of the patients followed prospectively within 1 year were found to be symptomatic. Although the Minor starch-iodine test was positive in 38% of patients at 3 months, none of these patients… CONTINUE READING

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