Freud's religion: Oedipus and Moses

  title={Freud's religion: Oedipus and Moses},
  author={Rachel Z. Friedman},
  journal={Religious Studies},
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Moses and Monotheism is Freud's last book on religion. It was published in its entirety only after his flight from Nazi-occupied Vienna. Moses is perhaps Freud's most controversial book on religion. It is both an apology and a curse. It is a critique of traditional Judaism (by way of an Oedipal analysis of a deified Moses), a defence of a modern humanistic Judaism (a Judaism of moral and intellectual values), and a bitter critique of Christianity (a religion not of the Father but of the sons, a… 

Freud's Intrapsychic Use of the Jewish Culture and Religion

  • J. Halpern
  • Psychology, Art
    Journal of the American Psychoanalytic Association
  • 1999
Freud's attitudes about Jewish culture and Jewish religion were diametrically opposed. If one examines his approaches to these two aspects of Judaism together, one can discern an emotionally split

Freud, Lacan, and the Oedipus complex

“Freud, Lacan, and the Oedipus Complex” examines the Oedipus complex as found in the writing of Sigmund Freud and re-evaluated in the works of Jacques Lacan. Lacan‟s critical reappraisal of the

Renaturalising : Lacan's ethics and Nietzsche's critique of platonism

‬This thesis examines how Lacan's ethics of psychoanalysis might contribute to our understanding of Nietzsche's critique of Platonism.