Freshwater finfish biodiversity and conservation: an asian perspective

  title={Freshwater finfish biodiversity and conservation: an asian perspective},
  author={Thuy T. Nguyen and Sena S. De Silva},
  journal={Biodiversity \& Conservation},
AbstractAspects on biodiversity and conservation of the ichthyofauna in the Asian region, in comparison to that of Africa, Europe and North America have been relatively less documented. This paper attempts to evaluate the above aspects in the East, and South and Southeast Asia based on available information in the literature. The familial diversity in inland waters in Asia (121 families) is considerably higher than in African and Latin American. Also, the finfish faunal diversity of 21 major… 
Endemic freshwater finfish of Asia: distribution and conservation status
Freshwater finfish species richness and level of endemism in East, and South and South‐East Asia that included 17 nations were studied using available databases, and included nation‐wise
Biodiversity, ecohydrology, threat status and conservation priority of the freshwater fishes of river Gomti, a tributary of river Ganga (India)
Urgent need exists for taking up research on the priority fish species and their habitat, and Restoration measures have been proposed based on ecosystem scale approach for fish biodiversity conservation.
A Review on Status, Potentials, Threats and Challenges of the Fish Biodiversity of West Bengal
Explorations and germplasm inventories of fish biodiversity in the aquatic water bodies of India are being progressively updated and analysed with several new discoveries however; a well-defined
Fish fauna of Chalakudy River, part of Western Ghats biodiversity hotspot, Kerala, India: patterns of distribution, threats and conservation needs
An urgent need exists for studying the life history traits and demography of the most important endemic and threatened fishes, as lack of information on these aspects have significantly affected conservation efforts.
A complex pattern of fish distribution was observed during the study, which could be caused by physico-chemical characteristics variation from upper to lower parts of the river, especially water velocity and substrate types.
An annotated checklist of fish fauna of Bukit Merah Reservoir and its catchment area, Perak, Malaysia
The fish fauna was surveyed at Bukit Merah Reservoir of Perak (one of the oldest reservoir in Peninsular Malaysia) and its catchment areas and a total of 76 fish species were recorded, 25 of which were new records.
Freshwater Fish Diversity in Thailand and the Challenges on Its Prosperity Due To River Damming
Thailand is among the countries that ranked top in freshwater fish diversity, of which 843 freshwater fish species, including 13 elasmobranch fishes, have been officially recorded. Presently, the
First report on introduced freshwater fishes in the waters of Aceh, Indonesia
First report on introduced freshwater fishes in the waters of Aceh, Indonesia There is a paucity of information regarding introduced freshwater fishes in Indonesian waters. Hence, the objective of
Freshwater biodiversity of India: a response to Sarkar et al. (2013)
Freshwater fish comprise one of the most threatened vertebrate groups with close to one-third of the species in danger of extinction (Dudgeon 2012) and several species already extinct (Baillie and


Conservation of Freshwater Fishes: Options for the Future
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The purpose of this report is to give attention to Asian freshwater biodiversity. Asia is home to some 3500 species of fishes, hundreds of other organisms which spend their entire lives in water, and
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The limits of the Earth's freshwater resources are revealed more and more in the increasingly intense conflicts between human consumptive usage and the maintenance of aquatic health and biodiversity.
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Fishes are appropriate indicators of trends in aquatic biodiversity because their enormous variety reflects a wide range of environmental conditions. Fish also have a major impact on the distribution
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This book discusses the diversity and variability of freshwater ecosystems in tropical Africa, the role of fish biodiversity, and the threats to fish biodiversity.
Have fishes had their chips? The dilemma of threatened fishes
  • M. Bruton
  • Environmental Science
    Environmental Biology of Fishes
  • 2004
SynopsisThe conservation status and factors threatening fishes worldwide are reviewed in order to introduce a series of one-page articles on ‘Threatened fishes of the world’, and to encourage the
An Analysis of Fish Species Richness in Natural Lakes
There is a growing recognition of the need to conserve biodiversity that has been conceptualised in the Convention of Biological Diversity. Maintenance of fish species richness is particularly
The nature of fish communities: A factor influencing the fishery potential and yields of tropical lakes and reservoirs
The discrepancy between high primary production and poor fish yields in some tropical reservoirs, especially in Souht East Asia, is apparently due to the fact that not all available trophic levels
Endangered ecosystems: a review of the conservation status of tropical Asian rivers
Tropical Asian rivers are characterized by their flow seasonality. One (sometimes two) peaks in discharge cause temporary declines in phytoplankton, zooplankton and zoobenthos biomass, but lead to