Frequent Flaring in the TRAPPIST-1 System-Unsuited for Life?

  title={Frequent Flaring in the TRAPPIST-1 System-Unsuited for Life?},
  author={Kriszti'an Vida and Zsolt KHov'ari and Ambrus P{\'a}l and Katalin Ol'ah and Levente Kriskovics},
  • Kriszti'an Vida, Zsolt KHov'ari, +2 authors Levente Kriskovics
  • Published 2017
  • Physics
  • We analyze the K2 light curve of the TRAPPIST-1 system. The Fourier analysis of the data suggests P rot = 3.295 ± 0.003 days. The light curve shows several flares, of which we analyzed 42 events with integrated flare energies of 1.26 × 1030–1.24 × 1033 erg. Approximately 12% of the flares were complex, multi-peaked eruptions. The flaring and the possible rotational modulation shows no obvious correlation. The flaring activity of TRAPPIST-1 probably continuously alters the atmospheres of the… CONTINUE READING

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