Frequency searching method of motive parameters estimation

  title={Frequency searching method of motive parameters estimation},
  author={Qun Wan and Xiao-feng Shen and Heng Dou and Wan-Lin Yang and Y. N. Peng},
  journal={APCC/MDMC '04. The 2004 Joint Conference of the 10th Asia-Pacific Conference on Communications and the 5th International Symposium on Multi-Dimensional Mobile Communications Proceeding},
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Many solutions have been proposed for passive localization systems based on Doppler-shifted frequency measurement. Unfortunately, no closed-form solution exists to this problem. Successive searching method usually suffers from heavy computation. Moreover, initial estimation with enough accuracy is required to avoid local convergence. Though the searching dimension can be reduced to 2 by introducing some intermediate variables that are nonlinear functions of unknowns, the computations are still… CONTINUE READING

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