Frequency of multiple sclerosis in Menorca, Balearic islands, Spain.

  title={Frequency of multiple sclerosis in Menorca, Balearic islands, Spain.},
  author={Pilar Casquero and Pablo Villoslada and Xavier Montalban and Mattias Torrent},
  volume={20 2},
OBJECTIVE To establish prevalence and incidence of multiple sclerosis (MS) in Menorca (Balearic Islands, Spain; population: 67,009). METHODS An extensive epidemiological study was undertaken using all available information sources. Patients were classified according to Poser's criteria. RESULTS The prevalence rate of definite and probable MS was 68.6/100,000 (95% confidence interval 50.3-91.6). The incidence rate was 3.4/100,000/year (95% CI 2.2-5.3). The time lag between the first symptom… CONTINUE READING

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