[Frequency of lipid metabolism disorders in blood donors].


It is reported on a screening test examination for disturbances of the lipometabolism in 3,714 blood donors by means of the estimation of the beta-lipoproteins. In 240 blood donors (6.5%) increased values of beta-lipoproteins were found. 45 donors with values increased for several times underwent an after-examination by a specialist, by means of which among others in eight of them an asymptomatic diabetes mellitus was found. The estimation of the beta-lipoproteins as screening test examination is ingenious and serves the improved cure for the health of the donors.

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@article{Uhlig1980FrequencyOL, title={[Frequency of lipid metabolism disorders in blood donors].}, author={Ralph Uhlig and Per K{\"{o}hler and Dietmar Pissarek and Inge Bischoff}, journal={Zeitschrift für die gesamte innere Medizin und ihre Grenzgebiete}, year={1980}, volume={35 3}, pages={141-4} }