[Frequency of intestinal helminth eggs in public restrooms in Sorocaba, SP].


Four hundred and five water closets were investigated: 11 located at public squares, 2 at the railroad station, 4 at the bus station, 55 at bars and restaurants, 146 at state schools, 116 at municipal schools, 8 at private schools, 36 at public health centers, 16 at sports centers, 8 at orphanages and 3 at shopping malls. Microscopy slides with adhesive tape were used. The material was obtained by sticking the tape onto the following elements: 4 spots on the toilet seat, internal and external door knobs, latch, faucet handle and discharge valve (push button or pulling string). Out of the 405 water closets studied, 22 (5.43%) were contaminated. Eggs of Ascaris lumbricoides, Ancylostomatidae, Enterobius vermiculares, Taenia sp and Hymenolepis nana were found. In 2 water closets eggs of 2 parasites were found simultaneously.


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