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Frequency of Intestinal Parasites among Zoo Animal by Morphometric Criteria and First Report of the Bivitellobilharzia nairi from Elephant (Elephasmaximus maximus) in Iran

  title={Frequency of Intestinal Parasites among Zoo Animal by Morphometric Criteria and First Report of the Bivitellobilharzia nairi from Elephant (Elephasmaximus maximus) in Iran},
  author={A. Mirzapour and H. Kiani and I. Mobedi and A. Spotin and S. J. Seyyed Tabaei and M. Rahimi},
  journal={Iranian Journal of Parasitology},
  pages={611 - 617}
Background: Intestinal parasitic infections are major causative agents of wildlife health complications among different parts of the world. This study aimed to investigate the gastro-intestinal parasites in feces of the zoo animals based on parasitological and morphometric criteria. Methods: One hundred fresh fecal samples were collected from 35 species of animal lived in Eram park zoo, Tehran, Central Iran during Oct 2015 to Jun 2015. All collected samples were examined by microscopic… Expand
Intestinal parasitic infection in wild animals of a zoological garden in Alborz, Iran
It could be resulted that there is a need of control measures against the spread of infectious parasitic diseases among animals within the zoo. Expand
Parasitic infection of Captive Wild Animals in Iran
Zoos are places where a great number of valuable animal species are put together taken out of their natural habitats .This survey was carried out to survey the gastrointestinal parasites in animalsExpand
Insight into One Health Approach: Endoparasite Infections in Captive Wildlife in Bangladesh
The present survey found a considerable prevalence of endoparasites in captive wildlife in Bangladesh and highlighted the need for routine parasitological assessment, promotion of one health, and improvement of the implementation of current parasite control strategies in zoo animals. Expand
Prevalence of intestinal parasites with molecular detection and identification of Giardia duodenalis in fecal samples of mammals, birds and zookeepers at Beni-Suef Zoo, Egypt
The current study aimed to investigate the prevalence of intestinal parasites from various species of mammals and birds housed in a zoological garden in Beni-Suef province, Egypt. A total of 77 fecalExpand


Helminth and protozoan gastrointestinal tract parasites in captive and wild-trapped African non-human primates.
Both WT and colony-borne primates had similar species of parasites, but higher prevalences of protozoan infection were observed in CB baboons while helminth infections were relatively more common in WT primates. Expand
Frequency of enteric protozoan parasites among patients with gastrointestinal complaints in medical centers of Zahedan, Iran.
Although Zahedan is an area with poor hygiene located in a tropical area near the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, the prevalence of E. histolytica and E. dispar here compared with other parasites and infectious diseases is unexpectedly low. Expand
Frequency of Intestinal Parasitic Infections among Individuals Referred to the Medical Center Laboratories in Nahavand City, Hamadan Province, Western Iran
The worm infections in Nahavand city was dramatically decreased over the past decades, induced increases in public health at the community level. Expand
A survey on the prevalence of strongyles species in working donkeys in North-West of Iran
This study revealed that donkeys in Iran are infected with a range of helminths, which are representatives of the important pathogenic parasites found in equids worldwide. Expand
Concurent fatal helminthosis and balantidosis in red monkey (Erythrocebus patas) in Ibadan, Nigeria
Findings revealed the large intestine heavily infected with worms especially Trichuris spp. Expand
A 12-month survey of the gastro-intestinal helminths of antelopes, gazelles and giraffids kept at two zoos in Belgium.
The findings suggest different nematode infection levels between herds, which are mainly due to husbandry conditions but to a lesser extent to species- or individual susceptibility, are suggested. Expand
Some Data on Endoparasites of Common Mole in Lithuania
Common moles were most often infected with adult T. talpae and C. incrassata nematodes and nematode larvae of Porrocaecum sp. Expand
Molecular phylogenetics of the elephant schistosome Bivitellobilharzia loxodontae (Trematoda: Schistosomatidae) from the Central African Republic
Schistosome eggs obtained from faecal samples from wild forest elephants from the Central African Republic were sequenced for the first sequence data for B. loxodontae and supported Bivitellobilharzia as a monophyletic group and the relative phylogenetic position of the genus within the Schistosomatidae. Expand
Morphology and surface topography of the schistosome Bivitellobilharzia nairi from the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus maximus) in Sri Lanka
The present study uses both light microscopic and scanning electron microscope (SEM) techniques for the morphological and topographical characterization of this parasite and to permit comparison with other species of schistosomes. Expand
The present status of human helminthic diseases in Iran
  • M. Rokni
  • Medicine
  • Annals of tropical medicine and parasitology
  • 2008
There appears to have been a generally downward trend in the incidence of intestinal helminthiases in Iran over the last decade, and problems in accurate diagnosis have prevented good estimates of the general prevalence of this nematode infection. Expand