Frequency dependence of EPR signal-to-noise.

  title={Frequency dependence of EPR signal-to-noise.},
  author={George A Rinard and Richard W. Quine and James R Harbridge and Renbo Song and Gareth R Eaton and Sandra S Eaton},
  journal={Journal of magnetic resonance},
  volume={140 1},
Direct measurements of electron spin-echo signal and noise in well-characterized X-band and S-band spectrometers agree with predictions of frequency dependence based on first principles. For the particular spectrometers compared, the echo at 9.52 GHz was 9.5 times larger than the echo at 2.68 GHz, after scaling for differences in spectrometer gain. The calculated ratio was 7.6. This result contrasts with prior predictions that the frequency dependence would be much greater.