Frequency and prognostic impact of casein kinase 1A1 mutations in MDS patients with deletion of chromosome 5q

  title={Frequency and prognostic impact of casein kinase 1A1 mutations in MDS patients with deletion of chromosome 5q},
  author={Michael Heuser and Manja Meggendorfer and M M Araujo Cruz and J Fabisch and Sabrina Klesse and L Koehler and Gudrun G{\"o}hring and Christina Ganster and Katayoon Shirneshan and A Gutermuth and Sabine Cerny-Reiterer and Jan Kr{\"o}nke and Victoria Panagiota and Claudia Haferlach and Christian Koenecke and Uwe- Platzbecker and Christian Thiede and Thomas A. Schr{\"o}der and Guido Kobbe and Stefan Ehrlich and Kathrin Stamer and Konstanze Doehner and Peter Valent and Brigitte Schlegelberger and Nicolaus Kr{\"o}ger and Arnold Ganser and Detlef Haase and Torsten Haferlach and Felicitas R Thol},
1 O'Hare T, Zabriskie MS, Eiring AM, Deininger MW. Pushing the limits of targeted therapy in chronic myeloid leukaemia. Nat Rev Cancer 2012; 12: 513–526. 2 Gorre ME, Ellwood-Yen K, Chiosis G, Rosen N, Sawyers CL. BCR-ABL point mutants isolated from patients with imatinib mesylate-resistant chronic myeloid leukemia remain sensitive to inhibitors of the BCR-ABL chaperone heat shock protein 90. Blood 2002; 100: 3041–3044. 3 Shah NP, Nicoll JM, Nagar B, Gorre ME, Paquette RL, Kuriyan J et al… CONTINUE READING
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