Frequency analysis of the laser driven nonlinear dynamics of HCN.


We study the vibrational dynamics of a model for the HCN molecule in the presence of a monochromatic laser field. The variation of the structural behavior of the system as a function of the laser frequency is analyzed in detail using the smaller alignment index, frequency maps, and diffusion coefficients. It is observed that the ergodicity of the system depends on the frequency of the excitation field, especially in its transitions from and into chaos. This provides a roadmap for the possibility of bond excitation and dissociation in this molecule.

DOI: 10.1063/1.4972260

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@article{LopezPina2016FrequencyAO, title={Frequency analysis of the laser driven nonlinear dynamics of HCN.}, author={A Lopez-Pina and Juan Carlos Losada and Rosa M. Benito and Florentino Borondo}, journal={The Journal of chemical physics}, year={2016}, volume={145 24}, pages={244309} }