Frequency analysis of OGLE-IV photometry for classical Cepheids in Galactic fields: non-radial modes and modulations

  title={Frequency analysis of OGLE-IV photometry for classical Cepheids in Galactic fields: non-radial modes and modulations},
  author={Rajeev Singh Rathour and Radosław Smolec and Henryka Netzel},
We analyse photometry of ∼2000 Galactic Cepheids available in the OGLE Collection of Variable Stars. We analyse both Galactic disk and Galactic bulge fields; stars classified both as singleand multi-periodic. Our goal was to search for additional low-amplitude variability. We extend the sample of multi-mode radial pulsators by identifying ten new candidates for double-mode and six new candidates for triple-mode pulsation. In the first overtone OGLE sample, we found twelve Cepheids with… Expand


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