Frequency-addressed NEMS arrays for mass and gas sensing applications

  title={Frequency-addressed NEMS arrays for mass and gas sensing applications},
  author={Eric Sage and O. Martin and Cecilia Dupre and Thomas Dieter Ernst and G{\'e}rard Billiot and Laurent Duraffourg and {\'E}ric Colinet and S{\'e}bastien Hentz},
  journal={2013 Transducers & Eurosensors XXVII: The 17th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and Microsystems (TRANSDUCERS & EUROSENSORS XXVII)},
This paper reports the design, fabrication and characterization of NEMS resonator arrays along with their associated readout scheme enabling the probing of all the resonators within an array. The successful monitoring of arrays of 20 NEMS in both air and vacuum is presented and the significant advantage these arrays provide over individual resonators for mass and gas sensing is discussed. Arrays of 20, 49 and 100 resonators have been designed and characterized in terms of Signal to Background… CONTINUE READING


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