Frequency-Tunable Microwave Generation Based on Time-Delayed Optical Combs

  title={Frequency-Tunable Microwave Generation Based on Time-Delayed Optical Combs},
  author={Montasir Qasymeh and Wangzhe Li and Jianping Yao},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques},
A novel approach to generating a frequency-tunable microwave signal based on time-delayed optical combs is proposed and demonstrated. The fundamental principle is to generate multiple optical combs with identical comb profile, but with each optical comb carried by an optical carrier at a different wavelength. If the optical carriers are spaced with an identical wavelength spacing, the optical combs will be time delayed with an identical time delay after passing through a dispersive fiber. By… 

Photonic Generation of Frequency-Tunable Microwave Signals Using an Array of Uniformly Spaced Optical Combs

We show analytically as well as experimentally a photonic technique for generation of frequency-tunable microwave signals. The technique involves propagating an array of uniformly spaced optical

Photonic-assisted microwave frequency multiplication with a tunable multiplication factor.

Photonic-assisted microwave frequency multiplication with a tunable multiplication factor (MF) based on an optical comb generator and an embedded single-passband microwave photonic filter (MPF) is

Power efficient ultraflat optical frequency comb generation by cascading modulators

Abstract. A power efficient optical frequency comb (OFC) is highly desired for applications with limited power supply, e.g., microwave photonics applications in moving vehicles. An ultraflat OFC

Simultaneous Realization of Frequency Multiplication and Single Sideband Modulation by Exploiting Nonlinear Birefringent Effect

We theoretically analyze and experimentally demonstrate a photonic scheme to realize light-controlled microwave frequency multiplication and single sideband (SSB) modulation simultaneously. By

Frequency-tunable millimeter-wave generation technique based on spectral-filtering of a supercontinuum source

In this paper, we show analytically for the first time that spectral-filtering a supercontinuum source into equally-spaced optical combs with identical comb profile can lead to the generation of

Method to transmit analog information by using a long distance photonic link with distributed feedback lasers biased in the low laser threshold current region

We describe an analog microwave photonic link system, which is used to transmit in a multiplexed way a TV signal over 30 km of standard optical fiber. The experimental setup is composed mainly by two

Tunable Ultra-Broadband Microwave Frequency Combs Generation Based on a Current Modulated Semiconductor Laser Under Optical Injection

The generation of ultra-broadband microwave frequency combs (MFCs) based on a current modulated distributed feedback semiconductor laser subject to optical injection is demonstrated, and the comb spacing of MFCs can be tuned easily through adjusting the modulation frequency.

Quantum microwave-to-optical conversion in electrically driven multilayer graphene.

It is shown that a significant number of photons (converted from microwave to optical frequency range) is achieved for microvolt microwave driving voltages and a frequency-tunable operation is achieved using this technique simply by modifying the optical pump frequency.

Spin-wave band-pass filters based on yttrium iron garnet films for tunable microwave photonic oscillators

The paper reports on development of tunable band-pass microwave filters for microwave photonic generators. The filters were fabricated with the use of epitaxial yttrium iron garnet films. Principle

Photonic millimeter-wave frequency multiplication with tunable multiplication factor utilizing period-one dynamics of semiconductor lasers

  • Y. HungSheng-Kwang Hwang
  • Physics
    Microwave Photonics (MWP) and the 2014 9th Asia-Pacific Microwave Photonics Conference (APMP) 2014 International Topical Meeting on
  • 2014
A photonic millimeter-wave frequency multiplication scheme with a tunable multiplication factor from 6 to 10 utilizing period-one dynamics of semiconductor lasers is demonstrated. The power



Broadband-Frequency-Tunable Sub-Terahertz Wave Generation Using an Optical Comb, AWGs, Optical Switches, and a Uni-Traveling Carrier Photodiode for Spectroscopic Applications

We present a monochromatic sub-terahertz signal generation technique using an optical comb signal, arrayed waveguide gratings (AWGs), and a uni-traveling carrier photodiode (UTC-PD) for spectroscopic

Generation of very flat optical frequency combs from continuous-wave lasers using cascaded intensity and phase modulators driven by tailored radio frequency waveforms.

The spectral phase of the generated combs in the scheme is almost purely quadratic, which allows for high-quality pulse compression using only single-mode fiber and can be scaled without compromising the spectral flatness.

Microwave Generation Based on Optical Domain Microwave Frequency Octupling

A novel approach to achieving microwave frequency octupling in the optical domain is proposed and demonstrated. The proposed system consists of two cascaded Mach-Zehnder modulators (MZMs) that are

Multifunctional fiber-optic microwave links based on remote heterodyne detection

The multifunctionality of microwave links based on remote heterodyne detection (RHD) of signals from a dual-frequency laser transmitter is discussed and experimentally demonstrated in this paper.

Microwave-photonic frequency multiplication utilizing optical four-wave mixing and fiber Bragg gratings

A novel technique for optical multiplication of a millimeter-wave carrier is presented. It utilizes optical four-wave mixing (FWM) in a highly nonlinear fiber (HNLF) and the filtering properties of

Radio-frequency waveform generator with time-multiplexing capabilities based on multi-wavelength pulse compression.

A new photonically assisted reconfigurable radio-frequency waveform generator based on phase modulating a multi-wavelength pulse source and subsequent compression in a dispersive medium shows transitions between synthesized waveforms with a frequency content > 60 GHz in periods shorter than 100 ps.

Millimeter-Wave Frequency Tripling Based on Four-Wave Mixing in a Semiconductor Optical Amplifier

An approach to generating a frequency-tripled millimeter-wave (mm-wave) signal based on four-wave mixing (FWM) in a semiconductor optical amplifier (SOA) is experimentally demonstrated. In the

Optoelectronic millimeter-wave synthesis using an optical frequency comb Generator, optically injection locked lasers, and a unitraveling-carrier photodiode

This paper demonstrates multi-octave, milliwatt-class millimeter-wave synthesis using three key components: an optical frequency comb generator, an optical injection-locking filter, and a

Photonic signal processing of microwave signals

A new concept for realizing multiple-tap coherence-free processor filters, based on a new frequency-shifting technique, is presented, which eliminates the phase-induced intensity noise limitation and can also generate a large number of taps to enable the achievement of processors with high performance and high resolution.