Frequency-Shift Offset-QAM for GFDM

  title={Frequency-Shift Offset-QAM for GFDM},
  author={Ivan Gaspar and Maximilian Matthe and Nicola Michailow and Luciano Leonel Mendes and Dan Zhang and Gerhard Fettweis},
  journal={IEEE Communications Letters},
This paper presents a novel perspective to apply the offset quadrature amplitude modulation (OQAM) scheme on top of the multicarrier waveform termed Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing (GFDM). The conventional time-shift OQAM is described for GFDM and, with the introducing of the general use of unitary transform, an interesting counterpart, i.e., frequency-shift OQAM, is proposed. The conventional long prototype pulse with time-shift of one half subsymbol becomes a short prototype pulse… CONTINUE READING
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