Frequency-Dependent Constraints on Cosmic Birefringence from the LFI and HFI Planck Data Release 4

  title={Frequency-Dependent Constraints on Cosmic Birefringence from the LFI and HFI Planck Data Release 4},
  author={Johannes R. Eskilt},
We present new constraints on the frequency dependence of the cosmic birefringence angle from the Planck Data Release 4 polariza- tion maps. An axion field coupled to electromagnetism predicts a nearly frequency-independent birefringence angle, β ν = β , while Faraday rotation from local magnetic fields and Lorentz violating theories predict a cosmic birefringence angle that is proportional to the frequency, ν , to the power of some integer n , β ν ∝ ν n . In this work, we first sampled… 

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Eskilt: Frequency-dependent cosmic birefringence