Frequency, clinical characteristics, and respiratory parameters of hepatopulmonary syndrome.

  title={Frequency, clinical characteristics, and respiratory parameters of hepatopulmonary syndrome.},
  author={Beatriz L G Lima and Alex Vianey Callado França and Antonio Pazin-Filho and Whemberton Martins de Ara{\'u}jo and Jos{\'e} Antonio Mart{\'i}nez and Benedito Carlos Maciel and Marcus Vinicius Sim{\~o}es and Jo{\~a}o Terra-Filho and Ana de Lo{\~A}urdes Candolo Martinelli},
  journal={Mayo Clinic proceedings},
  volume={79 1},
OBJECTIVES To determine the frequency and the clinical characteristics of hepatopulmonary syndrome (HPS) in cirrhotic candidates for orthotopic liver transplantation and to identify the major respiratory parameters predictive of the presence of changes in arterial oxygenation. PATIENTS AND METHODS Patients underwent transthoracic contrast-enhanced echocardiography, pulmonary scintigraphy, pulmonary function test with diffusing capacity of lung for carbon monoxide (DLCO), and measurement of… CONTINUE READING


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