French soldiers and their correspondence: towards a history of writing practices in the First World War.

  title={French soldiers and their correspondence: towards a history of writing practices in the First World War.},
  author={Martyn Lyons},
  journal={French history},
  volume={17 1},
  • M. Lyons
  • Published 2003
  • History, Medicine
  • French history
The years 1914-18 engendered a "sudden and irrepressible boulimia" of letter-writing, a diluvian outpouring which defied all attempts at administrative control. The massive correspondence of French soldiers, analysed and quoted in the archives of the Commission de Contrôle Postal, has already been mined by war historians. They have normally used it to carry out a kind of historical opinion poll on the mood of the trenches. This article, however, focuses less on the content of soldiers… Expand
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