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French in the Face of Arabization: Language Attitudes among High School Students in Rabat

  title={French in the Face of Arabization: Language Attitudes among High School Students in Rabat},
  author={Janet Yearous and Jennifer Howell},
which attempts to remove the French language in favor of Arabic. This study investigates the effects of Arabization on high school students in Rabat, Morocco. In an effort to gauge the presence of French and Arabic in education, 50 high school students were interviewed from the capital, Rabat, and surrounding suburbs in May and June, 2011. High school students were selected since they are in the midst of forming their own identities and are also seriously considering how they will contribute to… 

Language's Borrowings: The Role of the Borrowed and Arabized Words in Enriching Arabic Language

This paper focuses on Arabic language's borrowings from other languages, the meaning of 'arabization' and the role of arabization and borrowed words in enriching Arabic language, the difference between the arabized words and the borrowed (' dakheel ') ones by examining and analyzing samples for every type.

Understanding Critical Peace Education: A Case Study of a Moroccan School

art which depicts the drawing prompt and what the student completed. Shortly after that I was given two more drawings as we were exiting the classroom. One was the caricature of a man with the

Moroccan Students’ Attitudes Towards Local and Foreign Languages: The Role of Self-Directed and Language Policy Forces

Ths article contributes to the hot debate on language preferences and choice at schools and society at large in Morocco from an empirical perspective. It investigates the Moroccan students’ attitudes



Language planning in Morocco and changes in Arabic

Morocco decided in early independence to choose Classical Arabic as the national official language because it is codifled and standardized, unlike Moroccan Arabic, and above all because it represents the language of the Coran, and of literary and scientific tradition.

Arabisation in the Moroccan Educational System: Problems and Prospects.

Morocco, like other countries, faces large national problems. The national language question is one of the most important because it is central to national unity. Recently, the Moroccan government

Towards a theory of interpersonal accommodation through language: some Canadian data

ABSTRACT The study was designed to investigate the process of speech accommodation between bilinguals from two ethnolinguistic groups. It was hypothesized that the greater the amount of effort in

Multilingualism, Cultural Identity, And Education In Morocco

The author reveals how language policy, culture, and identity have changed over time and how language use and language attitudes have changed along the way.

The Effect of a Change in Language of Instruction on the Returns to Schooling in Morocco

Until 1983, the language of instruction for most subjects in grades 6 and above in Moroccan public schools was French. Beginning in 1983, the language of instruction for new cohorts of Moroccan sixth

Arabicization in Morocco : a case study in language planning and language policy attitudes

Arabiciztion in Morocco : a case study in language planning and language policy attitudes، للحصول على النص الكامل يرجى زيارة مكتبة الحسين بن طلال في جامعة اليرموك او زيارة موقعها الالكتروني