French Intensive Care Society, International congress – Réanimation 2016

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Frat and Arnaud Wilfrid Thille and Dalinda Ait Aissa and Pierre Coquet and Jean Charles Ruiz and Fabrice Ferr{\'e} and Lucille Hoarau and B{\'e}atrice Riu-Poulenc and B{\'e}no{\^i}t Bataille and Stein Silva and Jean-luc Baudel and Na{\"i}ke Big{\'e} and Jalel Tahiri and Vincent Dub{\'e}e and Bertrand Guidet and Hafid Ait-Oufella and Liu Jinglun and Feng Shen and S{\'e}bastien Bailly and Olivier Leroy and Philippe Montravers and J Gelman Constantin and Herv{\'e} Dupont and Didier Guillemot and Olivier Lortholary and P F Perrigault and Jean-pierre Gangneux and Keyvan Razazi and Armand Mekontso-Dessap and Chlo{\'e} Jansen and Marie Lecronier and Valade Sandrine and J. Mira and Sophie Blein and Nathalie Marin and Christophe Rousseau and Julien Charpentier and Alexandre Pachot and Sami Hraiech and Julien J Bordes and Lamballerie Xavier De and J. L. Mege and Jean-Marie Forel and Christophe Guervilly and M{\'e}lanie Adda and Didier Raoult and Laurent Papazian and Nancy Kentish-Barnes and Zo{\'e} Cohen-Solal and Virginie Souppart and Lionel Kerhuel and Carole Haubertin and Isabelle Exbrayat and Elodie Rozi{\`e}res and Audrey Argain and Agn{\`e}s Suc and Michel Vignes and Pierre Cougot and Olivier A Fourcade and {\'E}lodie Brunel and Jonathan Messika and Florence Tubach and Emeline Dubief and Blandine Pasquet and Sylvie Guillo and Charlotte Pierron and Marion Grimaud and Caroline Farnoux and Am{\'e}lie Maillard and Maxens Decav{\`e}le and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Prodanovic and Ahmed Idbaih and Agust{\'i} Alentorn and Jean-Yves Delattre and Etienne de Montmollin and Noelle Brule and Marie Conrad and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Dailler and Jean Christophe Navellou and M T D S Alves and Jean-Marie Tonnelier and G{\'e}raldine Picard and V{\'e}ronique Rogemond and J{\'e}r{\^o}me Honnorat and Chiara Marzorati and Christine Lebert and P. P{\'e}rez and Giuseppe Citerio and Stephane Legriel and Simona Tripon and Maxime Mallet and Marika Rudler and Françoise Imbert-Bismut and Dominique Thabut and Emmanuel Canet and Stanislas Faguer and A. Moreau and François F Barbier and Sybille Merceron and Christophe Guitton and François Labadie and Virginie Lemiale and Etienne Faucher and Kada Klouche and Sylvie Chevret and St{\'e}phanie Ragot and R{\'e}mi Coudroy and Thierry Boulain and Ang{\'e}line Jamet and Alain Mercat and Laurent J. Brochard and Antoine Le Roux and Guillaume Franchineau and Nicolas Br{\'e}chot and Guillaume Lebreton and Guillaume H{\'e}kimian and Ania Nieszkowska and Pascal N Leprince and Jean Louis Trouillet and Alain Combes and Matthieu Schmidt and Lo{\"i}c Barrot and Ga{\"e}l Piton and Michael Bailey and Rakshit Panwar and Nicolas Belin and François Belon and Cyrille Patry and Mathilde Grandperrin and Claire Lise Chaignat and Guylaine Labro and B{\'e}reng{\`e}re Vivet and G. Capellier and Thomas Daix and Estelle Gu{\'e}rin and Elsa Tavernier and Emmanuelle Mercier and Val{\'e}rie Gissot and Christine Kolbe-Alberdi Vallejo and Bruno François and C{\'e}line Ravry and Nicolas Pichon and Catherine Chapellas and Anne-Laure Fedou and Antoine Galy and Marie-C{\'e}cile Ploy and Olivier Barraud and Philippe Vignon and Aur{\'e}lie Thooft and Raphael Conotte and J M Colet and Matthieu Le Dorze and Virginie Tarazona and Caren Brumpt and H{\'e}l{\`e}ne Moins-Teisserenc and Fabrice Uhel and Imane Azzaoui and M. Gr{\'e}goire and C{\'e}line Pangault and Jo{\"e}lle Dulong and Luc A Cynober and Mika{\"e}l Roussel and Yves le Tulzo and Karin Tarte and Julien Demiselle and Johann Auchabie and Pierre François Dequin and Nicolas Chudeau and François Fourrier and Steven Grang{\'e} and Lise Piquilloud and Alexandre Lautrette and Sonia Boyer and Julien Letheulle and Nicolas Lerolle and Anne Sophie Truche and Christophe Clec’h and Philippe Zaoui and Virginie Laurent and Dany Goldgran Toledano and Sophie Perinel Ragey and Antoine Gros and Anne Sylvie Dumenil and Samir Jamali and Micha{\"e}l Darmon and Mikhael Chouraqui and Antoine Dewitte and Brigitte Chastel and Pauline Carles and Catherine Fleureau and Olivier Joann{\`e}s-Boyau and Alexandre Ouattara and Adrien Joseph and Ma{\"i}t{\'e} Garrouste-Orgeas and Adeline Max and Talia Lerin and C Gr{\'e}goire and Martin Kloeckner and C{\'e}dric Bruel and Sandie Brochon and François Philippart and Emmanuelle Pichot and Clara Simons and Andrew Flint and C{\'e}cile Aubron and Rinaldo Bellomo and David Pilcher and A. G. Cheng and Colin Hegarty and Anthony Martinelli and Benjamin P. Howden and Michael Reade and Zoe K McQuilten and C{\'e}dric Bretonni{\`e}re and Daniel Villers and Marcelo Soares and Fr{\'e}d{\'e}ric Gonzalez and François Vincent and Cl{\'e}mence Fauch{\'e} and Samuel Gay and Olivier Skowron and Albrice Levrat and Didier Dorez and Arnaud Foucrier and S{\'e}bastian Pease and Tobias Gauss and Catherine Paugam and Julie Gorham and Lieveke Ameye and Marianne Paesmans and Thierry Berghmans and J. P. Sculier and A. P. Meert and Pauline Deras and O. Mart{\'i}nez and Pascal Latry and Xavier Capdevila}, year={2016} }