Fregean logics with the multiterm deduction theorem and their algebraization

  title={Fregean logics with the multiterm deduction theorem and their algebraization},
  author={Janusz Czelakowski and Don Pigozzi},
  journal={Studia Logica},
AbstractA deductive system $$\mathcal{S}$$ (in the sense of Tarski) is Fregean if the relation of interderivability, relative to any given theory T, i.e., the binary relation between formulas $$\{ \left\langle {\alpha ,\beta } \right\rangle :T,\alpha \vdash s \beta and T,\beta \vdash s \alpha \} ,$$ is a congruence relation on the formula algebra. The multiterm deduction-detachment theorem is a natural generalization of the deduction theorem of the classical and intuitionistic propositional… 

Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Selfextensional …-Institutions with Implication

The work of Jansana on selfextensional deductive systems with an implication satisfying the deduction-detachment property, that was partially based on the well-known work of Font and Jansana on

Fregean logics


  • T. Moraschini
  • Philosophy, Mathematics
    The Review of Symbolic Logic
  • 2018
It is shown that the fact that the truth sets of $Mo{d^{\rm{*}}}{\cal L}$ can be defined by means of equations with universally quantified parameters is captured by an order-theoretic property of the Leibniz operator restricted to deductive filters of ${\ cal L}$.

Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic : Selfextensional π-Institutions with Conjunction

The work of Jansana on selfextensional logics with conjunction, that was partially based on the well-known work of Font and Jansana on providing a general algebraic semantics for sentential logics,

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The analysis of unital systems leads to the concept of Lindenbaum–Tarski algebra which, under some natural conditions, is a free algebra in a variety closely related to the deductive system in focus.

Deduction-detachment theorem in hidden k-logics

A syntactic notion of translation is introduced, which will be used to define an equivalence relation between hidden k-logics, and it is shown that this notion of equivalence preserves some logical properties, namely the deduction-detachment theorem (DDT) and the Craig interpolation property.

Generalized Matrices in Abstract Algebraic Logic

The aim of this paper is to survey some work done recently or still in progress that applies generalized matrices to the study of sentential logics, and to convey the idea that the interaction between these neighbouring fields may be specially fruitful.

Beyond Rasiowa's Algebraic Approach to Non-classical Logics

The impact of Rasiowa's well-known book on the evolution of algebraic logic during the last thirty or forty years is reviewed, and a consideration of the diverse ways in which these key points can be generalized allows us to survey some issues in the development of the field in the last twenty to thirty years.

On everywhere strongly logifiable algebras

It is shown that everywhere strongly logifiable algebras belong to the field of universal alge- bra as well as to the one of logic by characterizing them as the finite non-trivial simple alge bras that are constantive and generate a congruence distributive and n-permutable variety for some n 2.

Categorical Abstract Algebraic Logic: Compatibility Operators and Correspondence Theorems

This work presents a unified treatment of the operator approach to the categorical abstract algebraic logic hierarchy of π-institutions and provides resources for new results on the semantic, i.e., operator-based, side of the hierarchy.



Algebraic aspects of deduction theorems

An analysis of closure spaces associated with those sentential logics which admit various deduction theorems and it is shown that the join-semilattice of finitely generated (= compact) deductive filters on each algebra A is dually Brouwerian.

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Let τ be an algebraic type. To each classK of τ-algebras a consequence relation ⊧K defined on the set of τ-equations is assigned. Some weak forms of the deduction theorem for ⊧K and their algebraic

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The aim of this paper is to discuss the motivation for a new general algebraic semantics for deductive systems, to introduce it, and to present an outline of its main features. Some tools from the

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An infinite sequence ∆ = ∆n(x0,. .., xn−1, y, ¯ u) is a parameterized graded deduction-detachment (PGDD) system for a de-ductive system S over a S-theory T if, for every n < ω and for all ϕ0,.

On the structure of varieties with equationally definable principal congruences IV

The notion of apseudo-interior algebra is introduced; it is a hybrid of a (topological) interior algebra and a residuated partially ordered monoid. The elementary arithmetic of pseudo-interior

Local deductions theorems

It is shown that a given finitary non-pathological logic C admits the local deduction theorem iff the class Matr(C) of all matrices validating C has the C-filter extension property.

A deduction theorem schema for deductive systems of propositional logics

We propose a new schema for the deduction theorem and prove that the deductive system S of a prepositional logic L fulfills the proposed schema if and only if there exists a finite set A(p, q) of

Congruence quasi-orderability in subtractive varieties

  • P. Aglianò
  • Mathematics
    Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society
  • 2001
Abstract In this paper we investigate subtractive varieties of algebras that are congruence quasi-orderable. Though this concept has its origin in abstract algebraic logic, it seems to be worth

Fregean subtractive varieties with definable congruence

  • P. Aglianò
  • Mathematics
    Journal of the Australian Mathematical Society
  • 2001
Abstract In this paper we investigate subtractive varieties of algebras that are Fregean in order to get structure theorems about them. For instance it turns out that a subtractive variety is Fregean