Frege: Philosophy of Language

  title={Frege: Philosophy of Language},
  author={Michael Dummett},
* Preface to the First Edition * Preface to the Second Edition * Textual References * Introduction * Sense and Tone * Quantifiers * The Hierarchy of Levels * Proper Names * Sense and Reference *Appendix: Note on an Attempted Refutation of Frege * Some Theses of Frege's on Sense and Reference * The Reference of Incomplete Expressions * The Incompleteness of Concepts and Functions * Indirect Reference * Assertion * Thoughts * Truth-value and Reference *Appendix: Note on Many-valued Logics * Can… 

Introduction to Philosophy of Language

This book is a critical introduction to the central issues of the philosophy of language. Each chapter focusses on one or two texts which have had a seminal influence on work in the subject, and uses

Extensionality, Indirect Contexts and Frege's Hierarchy

It is well known that Frege was an extensionalist, in the following sense: he held that the truth-value of a sentence is always a function only of (its syntax and) the references (the “extensions”)


  • M. Schirn
  • Philosophy
    The Review of Symbolic Logic
  • 2018
It is shown in detail that Frege’s attempt to demonstrate that by virtue of his stipulations “regular” value-range names have indeed been endowed with a unique reference, can plausibly be regarded as a direct application of the context principle.

The History and Prehistory of Natural-Language Semantics

I show some of the ways in which the trajectory of work during the recent history of natural-language semantics has been shaped by its prehistory, by which I mean the period when the formal methods

Frege on Existence

In his philosophy of language Gottlob Frege strives to present the basic structure of language which is supposed to correspond to the structure of what is referred to. He makes a distinction between

Sense and reference in translation

It is stated that a modified version of the Fregean notions of sense and reference can be useful in the theory and practice of translation and should be further researched.

Direct reference, cognitive significance and Fregean sense

 This essay deals with certain problems in the theory of singular reference. The following question is taken as central: What role is to be assigned to nonempty and syntactically simple singular

Dummett’s Legacy: Semantics, Metaphysics and Linguistic Competence

Abstract Throughout his philosophical career, Michael Dummett held firmly two theses: (I) the theory of meaning has a central position in philosophy and all other forms of philosophical inquiry rest

Particularist traits in modal discourse)

The debate between the description theory of proper names and direct reference is —mainly— a debate on whether or not the referential function of proper names is reducible in terms of descriptive and

A higher-order solution to the problem of the concept horse

This paper uses the resources of higher-order logic to articulate a Fregean conception of predicate reference, and of word-world relations more generally, that is immune to the concept horse problem.