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Frege's Influence on Wittgenstein: Reversing Metaphysics via the Context Principle*

  title={Frege's Influence on Wittgenstein: Reversing Metaphysics via the Context Principle*},
  author={Erich H. Reck and G. Frege},
  • Erich H. Reck, G. Frege
  • Published 2005
  • Gottlob Frege and Ludwig Wittgenstein (the later Wittgenstein) are often seen as polar opposites with respect to their fundamental philosophical outlooks: Frege as a paradigmatic "realist", Wittgenstein as a paradigmatic "anti-realist". This opposition is supposed to find its clearest expression with respect to mathematics: Frege is seen as the "arch-platonist", Wittgenstein as some sort of "radical anti-platonist". Furthermore, seeing them as such fits nicely with a widely shared view about… CONTINUE READING
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