Freezing of anisotropic spin clusters in La 1.98 Sr 0.02 CuO 4

  title={Freezing of anisotropic spin clusters in La 1.98 Sr 0.02 CuO 4},
  author={Masaaki Matsuda and Y S Lee and Martin Greven and Marc A. Kastner and Robert J. Birgeneau and K. N. Yamada and Yasuo Endoh and Peter Boeni and S.‐H. Lee and Shuichi Wakimoto and Gen Shirane},
  journal={Physical Review B},
A spin-glass compound, ${\mathrm{La}}_{1.98}{\mathrm{Sr}}_{0.02}{\mathrm{CuO}}_{4},$ shows quasi-three-dimensional magnetic ordering below $\ensuremath{\sim}40 \mathrm{}\mathrm{K}.$ A remarkable feature is that the magnetic correlation length along the orthorhombic ${a}_{\mathrm{ortho}}$ axis is much longer than that along the ${b}_{\mathrm{ortho}}$ axis, suggesting that the spin structure is closely related to the diagonal stripe structure. The spin-glass state can be expressed as a random… 
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