Freezing of a soft-core fluid in a one-dimensional potential: appearance of a locked smectic phase

  title={Freezing of a soft-core fluid in a one-dimensional potential: appearance of a locked smectic phase},
  author={Alexander Kraft and Sabine H. L. Klapp},
  journal={Molecular Physics},
ABSTRACT We investigate the phase behaviour of a two-dimensional colloidal model system of ultra-soft particles on a substrate which varies periodically along one spatial direction. Our calculations are based on mean-field density functional theory for a system of particles interacting via an ultra-soft potential, that is, the generalised exponential model with index four (GEM-4). For suitable substrate periodicities (with commensurability parameter p = 2), we find a succession of phase… 


Laser induced freezing of charge stabilized colloidal system
We present results from an extensive simulational study of the modulated liquid $\longleftrightarrow$ crystal transition in a 2-d charge-stabilized colloid subject to a 1-d laser field modulation
Fundamentals of Inhomogeneous Fluids
Development of theories of inhomogeneous fluids, J.R. Rowlinson statistical mechanical sum rules, Douglas Henderson density functionals in the theory of non-uniform fluids, and kinetic theory of strongly inhomogeneity fluids.
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It is still unknown whether there are families of tight knots whose lengths grow faster than linearly with crossing numbers, but the largest power has been reduced to 3/z, and some other physical models of knots as flattened ropes or strips which exhibit similar length versus complexity power laws are surveyed.
Soft Matter
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