Freeman's Margaret Mead Myth: the ideological virginity of anthropologists

  title={Freeman's Margaret Mead Myth: the ideological virginity of anthropologists},
  author={Robert E. Young and Salvador Juan},
  journal={Journal of Sociology},
  pages={64 - 81}
Derek Freeman's new book on Margaret Mead represents the first thorough public airing of anthropological criticism of Margaret Mead's Samoan ethnography. But it is more than that, Freeman turns it into an argument about the nature of anthropology itself and, indeed, about human nature. In doing so, Freeman gets well out of his depth. He depicts anthropologists as foolish virgins uncritically accepting any tale told them and presents his view of the nature/nurture debate as if it were a new… 

the wizard from Oz meets the wicked witch of the East: Freeman, Mead, and ethnographic authority

In recent years considerable attention has been paid to various anthropological writing styles, to the ways anthropologists construct their written accounts (texts), and to the bases of ethnographic

Was Mead wrong about coming of age in Samoa? An analysis of the Mead/Freeman controversy for scholars of adolescence and human development

  • J. Côté
  • Philosophy
    Journal of youth and adolescence
  • 1992
Mead's pioneering study, which was the first to argue that adolescent “storm and stress” is not universal, continues to stand the test of time.

Reduction and representation: the function(s) of understanding and comparison in, and between, Anthropology and Literature

AbstractThis article addresses the manner in which the anthropological and literary subjects are fashioned, imagined and transmitted to their audience, being mindful of the manner in which

Howling Pixel Coming of Age in Samoa Coming of Age in Samoa is a book

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  • 2018
First published in 1928, the book launched Mead as a pioneering researcher and as the most famous anthropologist in the world. Since its first publication, Coming of Age in Samoa was the most widely

Talanoa Research: Culturally Appropriate Research Design in Fiji

Talanoa Research is the most culturally appropriate research design in the ethnic Fijian community in Fiji. Talanoa asks researchers to establish a good interpersonal relationship and rapport with

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TRYING TO SAY SOMETHING about Margaret Mead's place in anthropology, not just psychological anthropology, to fellow members of this association is not unlike trying to describe George Washington's

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With the agreement of author and publisher, pre-publication copies of The Rise of Anthropological Theory (New York: Crowell, 1968) were sent for review to 25 scholars. Of these, the followingf


The author has been engaged for more than twenty years in collecting information relating to the traditional customs of his people, the Tiv, who, to the number of more than half a million, live on the banks of the Benue in northern Nigeria.

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Man in the Primitive WorldAn Introduction to Anthropology. By Prof. E. Adamson Hoebel. (McGraw-Hill Series in Sociology and Anthropology.) Pp. xii + 543. (New York and London: McGraw-Hill Book Co.,

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Yet Deacon deserves to be stoutly defended against those who may charge her with writing "tunnel history." Unlike electricity, for example, oceanography has a reality in the past more palpable than a

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A good book may have the power to change the way we see the world, but a great book actually becomes part of our daily consciousness, pervading our thinking to the point that we take it for granted,

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This precursor to Mead's illuminating work, Male & Female, Sex & Temperament lays the groundwork for her lifelong study of gender differences. Focusing on three distinctly different tribes from New

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For centuries knowledge meant proven knowledge — proven either by the power of the intellect or by the evidence of the senses. Wisdom and intellectual integrity demanded that one must desist from

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