Freedom road: Black refugee settlements in northwestern Pennsylvania, 1820-1870

  title={Freedom road: Black refugee settlements in northwestern Pennsylvania, 1820-1870},
  author={Tim Konhaus},
Freedom Road: Black Refugee Settlements in Northwestern Pennsylvania, 1820 – 1870 
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Governing Poverty Amidst Plenty: Philanthropic Investments and the California Dream

Author(s): Kohl, Erica L. | Advisor(s): Shaiken, Harley | Abstract: AbstractGoverning Poverty Amidst Plenty:Philanthropic Investments and the California DreambyErica L. KohlDoctor of Philosophy in


For 2010 the bibliography continues its customary coverage of secondary writings published since 1900 in western European languages on slavery or the slave trade anywhere in the world: monographs,



Forging Freedom: The Formation of Philadelphia’s Black Community, 1720–1840

Introduction 1. Slavery and Antislavery in the Capital of Conscience 2. The Black Revolution in Philadelphia 3. Becoming Free 4. "To Arise Out of the Dust" 5. A City of Refuge 6. Establishing the

Philadelphia's Black Elite: Activism, Accommodation, and the Struggle for Autonomy, 1787-1848

Acknowledgments Introduction: "The Elite of Our People" 1. The Emergence of the Elite, 1787-1822 2. The Elite and African Resettlement 3. Alternatives to Africa: Emigration to the West Indies and

Songs for a Country No Longer Known

In this article, a Palestinian refugee writes of his return after thirty years to the village where he was born and from which his family was forced to flee in 1967, when he was a child. The article

Rehearsal for Reconstruction: The Port Royal Experiment

This award-winning study presents an engaging account of the attempt at reconstruction that occurred in the Sea Islands of South Carolina during the beginning of the Civil War. Serving as a kind of

The Negro in the Ante-Bellum North@@@North of Slavery: The Negro in the Free States, 1790-1860.

." . . no American can be pleased with the treatment of Negro Americans, North and South, in the years before the Civil War. In his clear, lucid account of the Northern phase of the story Professor

The Blacks in Canada: A History

Using an impressive array of primary and secondary materials, Robin Winks details the diverse experiences of Black immigrants to Canada, including Black slaves brought to Nova Scotia and the Canadas

Agriculture Among the Negro Refugees in Upper Canada

  • F. Landon
  • History, Political Science
    The Journal of Negro History
  • 1936
The bulk of the Negroes who came into the province of Upper Canada (now Ontario) in the period before the Civil War had a background of agriculture; and it was quite natural, therefore, that in their

The Story of American Freedom

Eric Foner explores the instance of freedom in America from its founding to the end of the 20th century. He describes how freedom is not a fixed and prescribed set of inherited ideas but something

Female Slaves: Sex Roles and Status in the Antebellum Plantation South

This paper analyzes female slave life in the context of female slave interaction and familial roles. It looks at the bonded woman's work, her control of particular resources, her contribution to