Freedom of Thought as a Basic Liberty

  title={Freedom of Thought as a Basic Liberty},
  author={Lucas A. Swaine},
  journal={Political Theory},
  pages={405 - 425}
  • L. Swaine
  • Published 9 November 2016
  • Philosophy
  • Political Theory
Freedom of thought has been lauded in political theory and celebrated in human rights discourse. But what kind of freedom is it? I propose that freedom of thought deserves status as a basic liberty, given the significance of thought to human life, the fundamental importance of freedom of thought in establishing and sustaining crucial rights and freedoms, and the value of being able to develop and experience one’s thoughts without undue influence from others. 
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Freedom of Thought in Political History
  • L. Swaine
  • History
    The Law and Ethics of Freedom of Thought, Volume 1
  • 2021


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