Freedom and Constraints in the K3 Landscape

  title={Freedom and Constraints in the K3 Landscape},
  author={Vijaya Kumar and Washington Taylor},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We consider "magnetized brane" compactifications of the type I/heterotic string on K3 with U(1) background fluxes. The nonabelian gauge group and matter content of the resulting six-dimensional vacua are parameterized by a matrix encoding a lattice contained within the even, self-dual lattice 3,19 . Mathematical results of Nikulin on lattice embeddings make possible a simple classification of such solutions. This approach makes it possible to explicitly and efficiently construct models in this… 

6D effective action of heterotic compactification on K3 with nontrivial gauge bundles

A bstractWe compute the six-dimensional effective action of the heterotic string compactified on K3 for the standard embedding and for a class of backgrounds with line bundles and appropriate

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A bstractWe study four-dimensional heterotic flux vacua with N = 2 spacetime supersymmetry. A worldsheet perspective is used to clarify quantization conditions associated to the fluxes and the

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We prove that there are only finitely many distinct semi-simple gauge groups and matter representations possible in consistent 6D chiral (1,0) supergravity theories with one tensor multiplet. The

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These lectures aim to provide a global picture of the spaces of consistent quantum supergravity theories and string vacua in higher dimensions. The lectures focus on theories in the even dimensions

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In six dimensions, cancellation of gauge, gravitational, and mixed anomalies strongly constrains the set of quantum field theories which can be coupled consistently to gravity. We show that for some

Heterotic Non-linear Sigma Models

  • Ilarion V. Melnikov
  • Biology
    An Introduction to Two-Dimensional Quantum Field Theory with (0,2) Supersymmetry
  • 2019
This is a large universe, and to circumscribe the explorations the authors mainly stick to the theories relevant to compactifications of the heterotic string, and it turns out easiest to start with (0,1) supersymmetry.

Mapping 6D $ \mathcal{N} = 1 $ supergravities to F-theory

We develop a systematic framework for realizing general anomaly-free chiral 6D supergravity theories in F-theory. We focus on 6D (1, 0) models with one tensor multiplet whose gauge group is a product



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We study compactifications of type-IIB string theory on a K3 × T2/Z2 orientifold in the presence of RR and NS flux. We find the most general supersymmetry preserving, Poincare invariant, vacua in

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We revisit type I compactifications with a Spin(32)/Z2 gauge bundle that admits no vector structure. We elucidate the relation of this Z2 obstruction to discrete B- field flux and to 't Hooft flux

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We study the properties of M and F theory compactifications to three and four dimensions with background fluxes. We provide a simple construction of supersymmetric vacua, including some with

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Magnetic Flux in Toroidal Type I Compactification

: We discuss the compactification of type I strings on a torus with additional background gauge flux on the D9-branes. The solutions to the cancellation of the RR tadpoles display various

Magnetic Flux in Toroidal Type I Compactification

We discuss the compactification of type I strings on a torus with additional background gauge flux on the D9-branes. The solutions to the cancellation of the RR tadpoles display various

Fixing all moduli for M-theory on K3 × K3

We analyze M-theory compactified on K3 x K3 with fluxes preserving half the supersymmetry and its F-theory limit, which is dual to an orientifold of the type IIB string on K3 x (T{sup 2}/Z{sub 2}).

Consistency conditions for orientifolds and D-manifolds.

It is argued that the {ital K}3 orbifold with spin connection embedded in gauge connection corresponds to an interacting conformal field theory in the type I theory.