Freed from Illiteracy? A Closer Look at Venezuela’s Misión Robinson Literacy Campaign

  title={Freed from Illiteracy? A Closer Look at Venezuela’s Misi{\'o}n Robinson Literacy Campaign},
  author={Daniel Ortega and Francisco R. Rodr{\'i}guez},
  journal={Economic Development and Cultural Change},
  pages={1 - 30}
We evaluate the success of the Venezuelan government’s latest nationwide literacy program, Misión Robinson, using official Venezuelan government survey data. Controlling for existing trends in literacy rates by age groups over the period 1975–2005, we find at most a small positive effect of Misión Robinson on literacy rates, and in many specifications the program's impact is statistically indistinguishable from zero. This main result is robust to time series analysis by birth cohort and to… 

A Response to Rosnick and Weisbrot

Daniel Ortega and Francisco Rodriguez March 2008 In Rosnick and Weisbrot (2008) - henceforth RW - argue that our results in Ortega and Rodriguez (2008) – henceforth OR - where we found no consistent

Who Mobilizes? Participatory Democracy in Chávez's Bolivarian Revolution

  • K. Hawkins
  • Political Science
    Latin American Politics and Society
  • 2010
Abstract This article assesses popular mobilization under the Chávez government's participatory initiatives in Venezuela using data from the AmericasBarometer survey of 2007. This is the first study

How Not to Defend the Revolution: Mark Weisbrot and the Misinterpretation of Venezuelan Evidence

Mark Weisbrot (2008) has claimed that under the Chavez administration in Venezuela the share of pro-poor spending has increased, inequality has declined, poverty has fallen rapidly, and there has

The Price of Political Opposition: Evidence from Venezuela&Apos;S Maisanta

In 2004, the Hugo Chavez regime in Venezuela distributed the list of several million voters who had attempted to remove him from office throughout the government bureaucracy, allegedly to identify

Populism and Democratic Representation in Latin America

What is the relationship between populism and what political scientists refer to as democratic representation? At first glance, the question seems redundant since the study of populism and democracy

The Price of Political Opposition: Evidence from Venezuela's Maisanta

In 2004, the Chavez regime in Venezuela distributed the list of several million voters whom had attempted to remove him from office throughout the government bureaucracy, allegedly to identify and

Does literacy benefit internally displaced and returnee women and children?

ABSTRACT In this study we evaluate the impact of a literacy program for internally displaced female refugees in Afghanistan. The results of the evaluation show that the program was beneficial both

Narratives of agency: the experiences of Braille literacy practitioners in the Kha Ri Gude South African Mass Literacy Campaign

In this article, we locate the Kha Ri Gude South African Mass Literacy Campaign within the context of the problem of illiteracy and exclusion in South Africa, while concentrating on various



Clientelism and Social Funds: Evidence from Chávez's Misiones

Abstract The latest president in Latin America to adopt social funds on a large scale as an integral part of his government program has been Hugo Chávez Frías of Venezuela. Based on the literature on

Review of World Bank operations in nonformal education and training

This paper reviews World Bank experience in nonformal education and training (NFET) from fiscal year 1963 to 1985. It does not examine formal education systems that led to such formal qualifications

Improving Adult Literacy Outcomes: Lessons from Cognitive Research for Developing Countries. Directions in Development.

Despite the existence of about one billion illiterates in the world, adult literacy programs make up 1-5 percent of government or donor budgets, and they remain severely underfunded in comparison to

What We Know about Acquisition of Adult Literacy. Is There Hope? World Bank Discussion Papers, 245.

Literacy acquired in childhood positively influences quality of life, but the effects of literacy acquired in adulthood are not well known. Experience shows that literacy is not easily disseminated

The Performance of Decentralized School Systems: Evidence from Fe Y Alegría in Venezuela

This program evaluation estimates the effects on standardized test scores of graduating from the Fe y Alegria private school system in Venezuela. The authors find an Average Treatment Effect on the

Developing countries

  • H. Ostensen
  • Economics
    Ultrasound in medicine & biology
  • 2000
Existing evidence on mortality trends in sub-Saharan Africa is reviewed, including the fact that some countries were experiencing economic growth and that considerable advances had been made in combatting childhood diseases through, among other things, immunization campaigns such as those promoted by UNICEF.

What To Do (and Not to Do) with Time-Series Cross-Section Data

The generalized least squares approach of Parks produces standard errors that lead to extreme overconfidence, often underestimating variability by 50% or more, and a new method is offered that is both easier to implement and produces accurate standard errors.

Serial Correlation and the Fixed Effects Model

This paper generalizes the Durbin-Watson type statistics to test the OLS residuals from the fixed effects model for serial independence. Also generalized are the tests proposed by Sargan and Bhargava


This paper deals with the estimation of unequally spaced panel data regression models with AR(1) remainder disturbances. A feasible generalized least squares (GLS) procedure is proposed as a weighted

Words of President Hugo Chávez Frı́as, act of graduation to the fifth

  • 2004