Free vascularized bone graft for nonunion of the scaphoid.

  title={Free vascularized bone graft for nonunion of the scaphoid.},
  author={Kazuteru Doi and Takashi Oda and T Soo-heong and Vipul Nanda},
  journal={The Journal of hand surgery},
  volume={25 3},
We used a free vascularized small periosteal bone graft to treat scaphoid nonunion. The graft consisted of periosteum, full-thickness cortex, and the underlying cancellous bone and was harvested from the supracondylar region of the femur. The graft was nourished by the articular branch of the descending geniculate artery and vein. Unlike the currently used vascularized bone grafts, this graft can be easily harvested and shaped to accommodate the bone defect of the scaphoid without disturbing… CONTINUE READING