Free-stream preserving linear-upwind and WENO schemes on curvilinear grids

  title={Free-stream preserving linear-upwind and WENO schemes on curvilinear grids},
  author={Yujie Zhu and Xiangyu Y. Hu},
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Free-stream preserving metrics and Jacobian for the conservative finite difference method on curvilinear grids

For the compressible flows simulations, the conservative finite difference based on the upwind schemes, i.e. the linear upwind and WENO, is widely used for their simplicity and conservative property.

Reformulated dissipation for the free-stream preserving of the conservative finite difference schemes on curvilinear grids

A new free-stream preserving (FP) method for high-order upwind conservative finite-difference (FD) schemes on the curvilinear grids is developed, which removes the constraint in the traditional FP conservative FD schemes that require a consistent discretization of the mesh metrics and the fluxes.

An improved third-order HWCNS for compressible flow simulation on curvilinear grids

Numerical results show that the new HWCNS3 achieves the expected order in smooth regions, captures discontinuities sharply without obvious oscillation, has higher resolution than the original one and preserves freestream and vortex on curvilinear grids.

The flow characteristics around bridge piers under the impact of a ship

The complicated flow structure around the pier threatens the safe navigation of ships. This paper studies the mechanism of the flow with a ship around the pier, passing or not passing and with



A Numerical Strategy for Freestream Preservation of the High Order Weighted Essentially Non-oscillatory Schemes on Stationary Curvilinear Grids

It is verified theoretically in this paper that by using this approach, the WENO schemes hold the freestream preservation properties naturally and thus work well in the generalized coordinate systems.

On the use of higher-order finite-difference schemes on curvilinear and deforming meshes

A simple technique is adopted which ensures metric cancellation and thus ensures freestream preservation even on highly distorted curvilinear meshes, and metric cancellation is guaranteed regardless of the manner in which grid speeds are defined.

Extension of Efficient Low Dissipative High Order Schemes for 3-D Curvilinear Moving Grids

The efficient low dissipative high order schemes proposed by Yee et al. is formulated for 3-D curvilinear moving grids consists of a high order base schemes combined with nonlinear characteristic filters to insure freestream preservation.

An Alternative Formulation of Finite Difference Weighted ENO Schemes with Lax-Wendroff Time Discretization for Conservation Laws

We develop an alternative formulation of conservative finite difference weighted essentially nonoscillatory (WENO) schemes to solve conservation laws. In this formulation, the WENO interpolation of

A High-Order WENO Finite Difference Scheme for the Equations of Ideal Magnetohydrodynamics

We present a high-order accurate weighted essentially non-oscillatory (WENO) finite difference scheme for solving the equations of ideal magnetohydrodynamics (MHD). This scheme is a direct extension