Free radical-scavenging properties of lignin.

  title={Free radical-scavenging properties of lignin.},
  author={F J Lu and Linda C. Chu and Rung Jiun Gau},
  journal={Nutrition and cancer},
  volume={30 1},
Lignin is one of the major components of dietary fiber. It is a complex hydrophobic molecule that typically occurs in cell walls with heteroxylans. Our experimental data show that lignin is a free radical scavenger. When the NADH-phenazine methosulfate-nitro blue tetrazolium free radical-producing system is used, an alkali-lignin concentration of 46.29 micrograms/ml that causes 50% inhibition of uric acid production by xanthine oxidase (IC50) is a scavenger of superoxide anion radicals… CONTINUE READING