Free radical production in hypoxic pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells.

  title={Free radical production in hypoxic pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells.},
  author={David W Killilea and Robert Hester and R. D. Balczon and Pavel Bab{\'a}l and Mark N. Gillespie},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Lung cellular and molecular physiology},
  volume={279 2},
This study used an inexpensive and versatile environmental exposure system to test the hypothesis that hypoxia promoted free radical production in primary cultures of rat main pulmonary artery smooth muscle cells (PASMCs). Production of reactive species was detected by fluorescence microscopy with the probe 2', 7'-dichlorodihydrofluorescein, which is converted to the fluorescent dichlorofluorescein (DCF) in the presence of various oxidants. Flushing the airspace above the PASMC cultures with… CONTINUE READING
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