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Free radical disease prevention and nutrition.

  title={Free radical disease prevention and nutrition.},
  author={Marica Kraj{\vc}ovi{\vc}ov{\'a}-Kudl{\'a}{\vc}kov{\'a} and Monika Urs{\'i}nyov{\'a} and Pavel Bla{\vz}{\'i}{\vc}ek and Viera Spustov{\'a} and Emil Ginter and V. Hlad{\'i}kov{\'a} and Jana Klvaňov{\'a}},
  journal={Bratislavske lekarske listy},
  volume={104 2},
  • Marica Krajčovičová-Kudláčková, Monika Ursínyová, +4 authors Jana Klvaňová
  • Published in Bratislavske lekarske listy 2003
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • An improved antioxidant status (overthreshold plasma values of essential antioxidants) minimizes the oxidative damage. The levels of antioxidant vitamins C and E, ,,antioxidant" trace elements selenium, zinc, copper and iron were measured in two groups of adults with different nutritional habits--alternative (vegetarians; n=110) and traditional (mixed diet, control, n=101). The prevalence of iron and zinc deficiencies was found in the alternative group (20% vs 11%--iron, 13% vs 9%--zinc) as a… CONTINUE READING

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