Free-choice ethanol consumption by rats: effects of ACTH4-10.

  title={Free-choice ethanol consumption by rats: effects of ACTH4-10.},
  author={Smita Krishnan and J. Frank Nash and Roger P. Maickel},
  volume={8 5},
The individual and interactive effects of immobilization stress, ACTH11-24 and ACTH4-10 on the free-choice consumption of ethanol in rats were studied. Stress and ethanol both result in activation of the HPA axis and release of ACTH1-39. The animals were offered a two-bottle choice consumption of 0.2% saccharin and 10% ethanol. They were exposed to immobilization stress or IP injections of ACTH4-10 or ACTH11-24 on an irregular, unpredictable schedule. Stress resulted in a decrease in ethanol… CONTINUE READING

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