Free as a Bird: Varro De Re Rustica 3

  title={Free as a Bird: Varro De Re Rustica 3},
  author={C. M. C. Green},
  journal={American Journal of Philology},
  pages={427 - 448}
Marcus terentius varro is a most difficult writer to assess. The very high regard in which he was held by the greatest writers of his?or any? time is supported by a fragmentary structure made up of a mass of tantalizing titles, excerpts, and allusions gathered from later authors, the re? flection of his Res Divinae in Augustine, the extant books of his De Lingua Latina, and De Re Rustica. The last of these, De Re Rustica, is the only complete work of Varro's we possess, and therefore on it must… Expand
Critics generally agree that Statius’ Silvae 2.4, a poem about a dead parrot dedicated to Statius’ patron Atedius Melior, is modelled closely on Ovid's Amores 2.6, a poem about Corinna's dead parrot.Expand
On the Distribution of Adnominal Prepositional Phrases in Latin Prose
he use of prepositional phrases as elements in noun phrases in Latin—to be sure, a rather restricted use of prepositions—is a phenomenon that has not been deeply studied. It is sometimes taught inExpand
Columella's Living Hedge: The Roman Gardening Book
The subject of this essay is not Roman gardens, their reconstruction or restoration, but Roman gardening. This must be found on the page, and specifically in the work of Columella, who has more toExpand
Petronius’ Talking Birds: Mimicry and Death in the Cena Trimalchionis
COLORFULVISUALDESCRIPTIONS are a striking feature of the Cena Trimalchionis in Petronius’ Satyrica. From the saffron juice that squirts from a pastry Priapus (60.6) to the juxtaposition of plums andExpand
Intellectual narratives and elite Roman learning in the 'Noctes Atticae' of Aulus Gellius
This thesis offers a new interpretation of the literary techniques of the Noctes Atticae, a second-century Latin miscellaneous work by Aulus Gellius, with new readings of various passages. It takesExpand
Catullus, Cicero, and a Society of Patrons: The Generation of the Text
Machine generated contents note: Introduction; Part I. How to Write about Writing: 1. When? Otium as 'time to write'; 2. What? Munus as the 'gift of duty'; 3. Where? Libellus: polished and published;Expand
An Asianist Sensation: Horace on Lucilius as Hortensius
Abstract:The Asianist orator Hortensius Hortalus is a partial model for Horace's critique of Lucilius in his début collection Satires 1. Much mileage is derived from the metaphor of Lucilius as aExpand
Storing Produce and Staging Dinner Parties: Fruit-Galleries and Genre in Varro’s De re rustica 1
Abstract:This article explores the genre and ideological agenda of Varro’s De re rustica by examining the textual representation of oporothecae (“fruitgalleries”). As structures in which fruit couldExpand
The Caged Bird In Roman Life And Poetry; Metaphor, Cognition, And Value
This paper considers the domestic caged bird as a cultural artefact in Rome, identifying it as a specifically Roman phenomenon related to Roman habits of acquisition, collection, and display. ItExpand
Creating the Elsewhere: Virtual Reality in the Ancient Roman World
At first glance the ancient world may seem an odd place to study concepts of virtuality, but I believe that looking at the art and architecture of the ancient Romans through the modern lens of theExpand


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Varro's Aviary at Casinum
Of all the products of ancient Roman civilisation, few were more distinctive than the great villas which, especially in the last century of the republic and the first of the empire, sprang up inExpand
The Triumph of Metellus Scipio and the Dramatic Date of Varro, RR 3
‘sed ad hunc bolum ut pervenias, opus erit tibi aut epulum aut triumphus alicuius, ut tune fuit Scipionis Metelli, aut collegiorum cenae, quae nunc innumerabiles excandefaciunt annonam macelli.’Expand
Le livre III des « Res Rusticae » de Varron et les allusions au déroulement des comices tributes
L'auteur etudie la « mise en scene » du livre III des Res Rusticae, un jour d'elections ediliciennes, aux comices tributes, entre 60 et 50 avant J.-C. Il s'attache a la formule curieuse dumExpand
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Roman Voting Assemblies
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