Free and conjugated dopamine in human ventricular fluid

  title={Free and conjugated dopamine in human ventricular fluid},
  author={NansieS. Sharpless and Gertrude M. Tyce and LeonJ. Thal and Joseph M. Waltz and Leslie I. Wolfson},
  journal={Brain Research},
Free dopamine and an acid hydrolyzable conjugate of dopamine were measured in human ventricular fluid specimens with a radioenzymatic assay and by high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) with electrochemical detection. Only trace amounts of free norepinephrine and dopamine were detected in ventricular fluid from patients with movement disorders. When the ventricular fluid was hydrolyzed by heating in HClO4 by lyophilization in dilute HClO4, however, a substantial amount of free dopamine… CONTINUE READING

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