Free and Open Source Software

  title={Free and Open Source Software},
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In this paper, free and open source software are discussed. Open source is an intellectual property destroyer. Nothing could be worse than this for the software business and the intellectual-property business. Microsoft has an official open source presence on the Web (, and in July 2010, Jean Paoli, the General Manager for Interoperability Strategy at Microsoft, delivered a keynote address at the O'Reilly Open Source Convention. 
Open Source Software as Tools for Libraries: An Overview
This paper focuses on the general and specific features of some of the popular software packages of integrated library management software, content management system and digital library.
Analysis of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Product in Web Based Client-Server Architecture
Information is provided about FOSS product such as FireFox (web browser), Apache (web server) and MySQL (RDBMS) that reveal that various FOSS products such as Apache server covers 65% of the market share, while MySQL covers 58.7% market share and hold the top-most rank.
An unbroken chain: approaches to implementing Linked Open Data in libraries: comparing local, open-source, collaborative and commercial systems
This paper compares methods for libraries to interact with the Web of data by assessing the benefits and risks associated with local development, free-and-open-source software, collaborative and
Opaals Project Workpackage 8 Open Source and Open Knowledge Deliverable 8.1: Papers on Basic Characterisation of the Oss 2.0 Phenomenon Title: Open Philosophies for Associative Autopoietic Digital Ecosystems Quality Check 1st Reviewer
It is contended that the OSS 2.0 development process will become less bazaarlike as more rigorous project management elements will be enacted to produce a more professional product and the product life-cycle will become more bazaar-like as loose federations of companies converge to create a customised and professional ‘whole product’ service.
What Is Open Source Software (OSS) and What Is Big Data?
It is discussed how fog computing can be performed with cloud computing for visualization of Big Data and a summary of additional web-based Big Data visualization software is presented.
Using Free and Open Source Software in the Selected Organizations in India : No budget , No Worries
Whether the adoption of FOSS has a specific budget impact and whether the adoption decisions are justified by sound economic rationale is asked and the data was analysed accordingly.
A Survey of Open Source Statistical Software (OSSS) and Their Data Processing Functionalities
R and Python are introduced as the two most popular open source statistical software (OSSS) and their capability in artificial intelligence application and modeling and Popular OSSS-based machine learning libraries and systems are discussed.
Challenges of Implementing Free and Open Source Software (FOSS): Evidence from the Indian Educational Setting
This study analyzes the perception of 43 senior FOSS implementation project officials in Kerala, India and details how FOSS was introduced and reports on major challenges and how those challenges were overcome in a secondary educational setting in India.
Some ISIS-Software History and Technical Background on the new FOSS Integrated Library System ABCD
The ISIS-software origins of the newly launched ABCD-software are described, for which there is a morethan-average interest in many parts of the libraries and information communities in the developing world.
Investigating Open Source Software Benefits in Public Sector
  • Osden Jokonya
  • Computer Science
    2015 48th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences
  • 2015
There is no-one-size-fit-all to open source software adoption benefits to the public sector in different regions, and customization is considered a very important benefit of open sourceSoftware adoption in Asia than is the case in America.


Patenting software under the European patent convention
The European Patent System and the definition of invention. Technical features and technical effects in software. Claim formulation for maximum protection. Supporting the claims by the description.
Microsoft Raps Open-Source Approach,
  • CNET News,
  • 2001