Free Throw Shooting Technique of Male Wheelchair Basketball Players.

  title={Free Throw Shooting Technique of Male Wheelchair Basketball Players.},
  author={Victoria Louise Goosey-Tolfrey and Daniel Butterworth and Calvin Morriss},
  journal={Adapted physical activity quarterly : APAQ},
  volume={19 2},
Three-dimensional kinematic data were obtained from 15 male wheelchair basketball players performing a successful free throw. Players were divided into two groups, according to their International Wheelchair Basketball Federation (IWBF) classification (Group 1: 2-2.5 point players and Group 2: 4-4.5 point players). The angle of release of the ball was 58 for both groups. Group 2 released the ball from a significantly greater height than Group 1 (1.57 - 0.12m v 1.78 - 0.17m; p < .05). Although… CONTINUE READING
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