Free Newspapers in the United States: Alive and Kicking

  title={Free Newspapers in the United States: Alive and Kicking},
  author={James Ian Tennant},
  journal={International Journal on Media Management},
  pages={105 - 121}
  • J. I. Tennant
  • Published 2 October 2014
  • Business
  • International Journal on Media Management
Free newspapers are a substantial segment of the U.S. newspaper industry, as well as an under-studied topic within media research. This study considers the economic health of free newspapers in the United States and whether they face a dire future given their heavy reliance on advertising, a source of revenue that has been in decline for newspapers. One question guiding this research is whether free newspapers face two options: continue producing free content by relying on advertising (in… 
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Free Papers
  • J. I. Tennant
  • The International Encyclopedia of Journalism Studies
  • 2019


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